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NewWay Water Rock Technology is committed to providing innovative robotics and digital warehousing solutions to industry customers. With our powerful KID™ robots ,smart Mentor™ based on Multi-Agent System, cutting-edge battery charging technology as well as fast deployment ,We consistently create and realize more efficient ,flexible and sustainable customer value. At NewWay Water Rock Technology, engineering and invention culture are deeply rooted in our DNA . We are always thinking and acting further.

May 2015 WRT Was Founded
Aug 2015 Achieved 3 Million RMB Angel Investment
Nov 2015 KID Mode I Was Released
Jun 2016 Achieved More Than 20 Million RMB Pre-A Investment
Company Profile


Skateboard City

Life is always full of passion for battle.

Engineering Culture

Research & development work is like drilling on a plank board, others prefer to work on a thin board,we prefer thick one.


Go forward, with confidence, instead of eyes.


"Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love."


Strong muscle and shinning skin are much more attractive than fancy clothes.

Healthy Diet

People will see big improvement on weight lose, cholesterol level and blood sugar level after they start a healthy diet.


KID Robots

We are committed to reduce logistics costs and executory costs. We pay more attention to improve the efficiency, but also to address the human resource crisis. Robots can change lives for the better, which is about to become a reality. Robot is at the service of society and lead the future with innovation. Water Rock Technology will use KID robots to serve e-commerce enterprises, logistics enterprises, customs and other enterprises which need warehouse links.

KID Robotic Fulfillment System FaaS (Fulfillment-as-a-service) Service In Logistics & Supply Chain Industry
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Water Rock Technology

Welcome to WRT team

Office Area

Office area designed for Geeks.


Have a cup of coffee/tea, enjoy the sunshine, and take a rest.

Entertainment Area

A variety of recreational items


We offer healthy & home-made taste food everyday


Test area, product testing and debugging

Our Address 1st Floor, No.2 Building, Honda Industrial Park, No.8 Hongdabei Road, Yizhuang BDA, Daxing District,Beijing